Developing workshops takes time and knowledge, I can never take credit for the information as this comes directly from source, spiritual source.

Tapping into this energy and source has been a natural ability for me ever since I was a small child, the main hurdle I had to overcome was my shyness. I was not scared of the information I received I was just not very confident back then.

This changed when I started reading on platform in spiritual churches, and started to hold development circles and workshops.

I have held and continue to run workshops on subjects, from connecting with the spiritual you to energy healing.

My latest workshop for 2017 is called “Past Trauma Healing” this is special as this technique was given to me direct from my spirit guide Monty. This healing works as a collaboration with your spiritual self and your spiritual guides.

All the information you need to help someone is inside them, you just have help to access this with your intuition and the guiding help from spirit.

The beautiful thing is that you know you are right because the person being healed can verify everything you tell them. Of course you would not have known about these issues just by looking or talking to them.

If you would like to know more about “Past Trauma Healing” then just follow the link.

Past Trauma Energy Healing