Spirit House Keeping

Looking back at my experiences over the 25 years working as a medium, there have been those encounters that are unique and sometimes challenging. One such occasion I remember very clearly.

Way back in early 2002 I was working as a platform medium for the local spiritualist churches in my region, I was approached by a member of this community who asked if I would be willing to visit a family who were scared by what they described as Poltergeist activity in their home.

This wasn’t really new to me as it was at that time every couple of weeks there was something to assist someone with in this regard. This seemed to be the time of hauntings, maybe because ‘most haunted’ the tv program was well liked and had people interested and also scared.

I arrived at the family home and was greeted by a lady and her 10 year old son. The young chap seemed friendly and full of beans obviously very excited by my visit. After the greeting I worked my way round the home looking for anything I could pick up. Normally I like to work alone but this was not possible as the boy insisted on following me round the house whilst filming me on his camcorder!

I chatted to the boy’s mother and she informed me that they had experienced many phenomena in and around the house which included flying objects and furniture moving of its own accord. Understandably she was very frightened and her nerves were frazzled she was obviously very upset. She continued to talk about cups being moved around in the kitchen and told me she had found writings on the walls. She felt that most of the events were happening at night and that she would discover the results in the morning.

I decided at this point to make my way around the house on my own to see if I could establish what was occurring in this poor woman’s home.

As i made my way around I saw the writings and there were three lots in all, the words were “Die, die, die” I also saw what looked like a cooks knife embedded in the kitchen door!

I realized I was going to need my guides input and tuned in to ask for assistance.

After asking my guide what was going on, an elderly gentleman was brought through from spirit and he talked to me with great enthusiasm. This gentleman was the lady’s father and was a very cheery man, with lots to say. He was worried about the stress on his daughter and other matters with her life, he also unraveled the poltergeist problems that had been occurring. It was time to pass on all this new information so settling in the lounge with the family I prepared them for the conclusion of my visit, but first we talked about her father. Having told her about his chat with me and his regular visits to their home and how much he cared, this coupled with other information that clarified his presence in their home, she cried with happiness to have heard from him.

Returning to the principle reason of my visit, having explained that there was nothing to be worried about and there had not been any poltergeist action in her home, as her father had confided in me.

Explaining to the lady it was in fact her son, playing about in the hope of seeing a ghost and hoping to be on the television. It wasn’t that hard to prove as the writing was the boy’s head height along with the knife in the door being his hand height. Of course it didn’t take a medium to figure this out but confirmation from someone that saw and knew was the ace up my sleeve.

It was understandable that her son wanted some attention, as they had overcome a considerable amount of bad luck and pain in the family recently.

Her son did indeed confess when confronted with his grandfather’s information, embarrassing as this was, I left the family feeling they had at least nothing more to fear and safe in the knowledge that her father was keeping a watchful loving eye on them all.

Sometimes in this field of work, when we go to cleanse a home from negative energy it opens up an opportunity to give peace in other ways. There are no coincidences in life and spirit use events like this as a way to make contact and help the ones they love.

The case referenced above is rare and In my opinion and experience, I do not believe that poltergeists actually exist, I have assisted in many a house clearing and in 25 years and I have yet to have come across a genuine poltergeist.

On most occasions my findings where either a visitation from a spirit belonging to a family or as is often the case, a visiting spirit that has a connection with the property or land.

These visitors are not destructive however they will try to make a connection with a person or family if they are wishing to be supportive or make it known that they are present.