Private Tuition

There are no coincidences in life however there is synchronicity. Synchronicity happens when we need a heads up that we are at the right time for change, understanding and learning.

Recognizing these moments are sometimes hard, but if we search our inner most feelings we can understand the subtle directions.

Being one with your spiritual self is the key to being awake, and also providing a connection to our higher spiritual guides and the world they live in. We are actually connected to this world and our spiritual soul groups, we just have to understand how we can access this.

Private tuition and workshops

I offer my knowledge in two formats, private tuition via skype video or in person, and day workshops designed for groups at a variety of venues.

What do I teach?

I teach how to connect to your inner self and the spiritual energy that resonates from our guides to the spiritual world that entwines with our psychical world. This is all you need to enable you to learn how to:

  • Give healing to others
  • Talk to your loved ones in spirit
  • Talk to your own spiritual guides
  • Give readings to others
  • Remote view, balance energy and become empathic
  • Make right choices for yourself
  • Become a professional working medium

Tuition Price £20 for 1 hour

My prices are per hour for my time, the same price as a reading. You pay as you go so no having to pay for maybe six sessions when you may only need three, this is at your own pace enabling you to pickup where you left off easily.

Many courses or workshops will have a strict set of exercises but these sometimes can distract us from the real learning and confuse us with information that may be worthless for your own personal growth.

I believe every one is different and we all learn in different ways, this is why my teaching technique changes with each individual, this enables you to get what you need and only that.

If you are interested in private tuition or a group booking, contact me and we can arrange a time to talk.

Prices vary depending upon situation, location and group bookings. I.E. Group bookings become cheaper for the individual.