Past Trauma Energy Healing

When we have ailments and illness in life that has not come from a physical injury then it is something that has been allowed to evolve from a trauma, or stressful situation.

This over time begins to deplete our life force energy, which has a effect on our mental and physical state, producing all sorts of problems.

How do I know if this is a past trauma issue?

You should have a clue about having a past trauma issue because you would have had years of reoccurring illness or low grade pain without finding the source.

We can bury problems that we cannot deal with at the time, which is a good defense but not so good over a long period, possibly years. Underlined stress and trauma deplete us daily and is what I call an invisible killer. Not that one trauma will kill you, but collectively with other negativity added to your life can prevent you from doing what you want and stopping you enjoying a normal life.

How do we solve this dilemma?

Some people choose counseling, although this is good in some cases, it may not help you.

The principle behind this healing modality is simple, we take the person back to the points in their life where the trauma had occurred and give them strength and support to deal with that situation.

By going back to these specific points in a spiritual meditation like state, we then become guided to these moments in time by our healing guides and our intuition, the person that is accepting healing does not have to do anything except confirm that these situations had happened after the healing has been done.

This allows the person to overcome the incident and thus undo all the trauma that has been effecting them everyday since that time. Of course the healing starts straight away, but may take a little for the person to see the benefits.

What if I cannot remember the traumatic event.

You would not have to worry, it is not about reliving your trauma, our healing guides know how to help us, and with this give us all the information needed. This is also the case for not giving out personal information, this is given in a way only you would know. 


The beauty of this healing is that it will be confirmed by the client, the past traumas are not discussed before so all that is given will be what is felt on the day of healing.

This confirms that the client truly knows that you have picked up on them and their trauma.

Imagine a traumatic experience has happened and you were on your own with no one to help you, if someone was there with you helping you with the burden, then maybe you would have never carried it for longer than a day. 


The theory is similar to normal healing, you give energy to someone and they utilize this to help them recover. The difference is we travel back in time using our spiritual self to be there, just like Astral traveling.

There are no time boundaries in the spiritual realms. In a meditative state with assistance from our spiritual guides, we are taken to the point when the trauma happened.

Standing with that person giving them energy and strength to deal with the situation, talking to them with our mind and allowing them to change their emotions, from negative to feelings of love and comfort.

This process is repeated with all the other traumas that had an effect on that person throughout their life.

This should have a positive effect on the person, and help to bring them to a happier place with more energy and purpose.

Traumas emanating from negative people and their actions stay with us and stunt our progress through life.

Cumulatively this brings other ailments that appear physical in nature, we treat the symptoms and we feel a little relief but then it comes back again maybe even worse.

Our guides and our inner-selves are a very powerful combination, once we have mastered this collaboration then there is no limit to the help we can give people and ourselves.

If you are interested in knowing more or would like to discuss this further then just email me.