About Me

As soon as I was able, I left home to train as a chef and I worked for many years in the catering industry building up my own company…….success in this field was there and I achieved everything I thought I needed, however, my spiritual life was always in competition and begged my attention at every turn. I could not ignore this side of myself and made the decision to see if I could make my way by helping others spiritually.

Leaving a socially acceptable career was a big life choice but I knew I could not go on living this half life, doing only what was expected by society and not following my passion which was helping others to lead a more wholesome and spiritually aware life. Over time I saw that it was not just about spirituality but the Whole so to speak. I became aware how the physical self suffers through not eating a healthy diet. Nourishing the body has a re-bound effect and this became evident when I no longer needed my asthma inhalers on a daily basis and other health benefits showed themselves….I lost weight and had energy again, I felt well!Dar2-1024x941

Communicating with spirit is of course something I am always willing to do for others, for as long as they need me to, however it is now my passion to show others just how simple this process is so that they can communicate themselves. I also want to spread the word about healthy living , healthy eating and encourage and teach others how to utilise their senses on every level, to help people live holistically and in harmony with all living souls.