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I sell time, my time to be exact. Time is a precious commodity and we have less and less these days. If you had more time what would you do with it? Would you paint, go walking in the woods or explore a new land?

The thing is some of us really have no clue what we would do, or even what we like to do. Being in a rut or situation can and does stop us from being fulfilled.

How do we gain clarity when we can’t just stop and think or process moments of our lives. We cannot see it when we are in it. Our decisions in our life come from our past experiences and our interactions with others, these decisions are clouded because sometimes we have a negative emotion that will guide us to a wrong destination.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we had forewarning or insight into the decisions of our lives both current and future. Well now you do, Hello I’m Darren Leigh and I am a consultant medium, I help many people from all walks of life get back on track and become more fulfilled in their lives.
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Many people visit my site a few times before committing to having a reading, I do understand that if you do not know me you may feel dubious. You could contact me and I can talk to you before you commit, obviously I will not read for you but you will get to hear my voice and feel my vibration.  



I adore Darren. He’s such a lovely guy; I could quite happily blether away for hours with him! He really helps me understand the situation…. And what he says happens. What more could a girl ask for!!??!


It is lovely to know that someone understands exactly how I am feeling, and understands the challenges in my life. Thank you so much for your reassurance Darran and for giving me fabulous advise. Thank you, Karen xxx


Darren was great. Straight in & read my situation perfectly with no information given by me. Thanks Darren for a crystal clear reading.


Thanks Darren for a spot on and insightful reading today. You were direct and did not fish for answers but you tapped in straight away. Brilliant work. I highly recommend you and will be back. thanks


I've spoken to Darren a couple of times now, and each time he has been amazing. What a lovely person to talk to, and his connection to spirit and the information he gives is so strong. I will always come back to speak with him. So so accurate. <3 xx


Darren is lovely to talk to - he said things could go one way or the other but if don't get the answer i want spirit will bring something nice in it's place - not saying yes or no may seem like not giving me the answer but he described the person i asked about and i agree he is someone who can't make up his mind it has gone on for so long that although my feelings don't change i have to say enough and move on - will know by last week june - not too long to wait - would recommend Darren if you can take what might be unwelcome news


Thank you Darren. Your reading absolutely hit the mark, it was just what I needed to hear. The reading was to the point, no time wasted. It was very honest, clear and understandable. I look forward to seeing what comes of it, I feel much more positive about the future. Until next time thank you


Well…what I can say ? I am absolutely stunned when Darren’s prediction came true about my job. He predicted that company will re-offer me the contract in spite of having asked me to leave and contract will be offered on better terms. Of course I cannot believe it because lot of drama happening at workplace and people were asked to leave.. BUT it came true yesterday. It felt like a miracle… out of nowhere – offer fall into my lap. Excellent !! Excellent.. !!